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Anonymous said:
you never make graphics anymore?!?! Where are you.. have you given up :(

oh anon, I will never give up on Bash and Mary… blasphemy! University has just taken over my life, and I don’t have a lot of spare time to make gifs and such. I still have to go through the mashedit tag and reblog all the lovely things but I keep forgetting/realise I need to get through a 20 page reading for my next class. I’ll be trying to get this blog running a bit more regularly by the time Reign comes back in two weeks, though. Look out for some updates :)

Anonymous said:
hi! do you know what song is playing in the background of the last ep's last mabastian scene??

All I Want by Dawn Golden :)

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bashooking said:
I hope Bash won't marry Kenna at least so so soon...I wanted him to have some affairs with some ladies at court..I do want to see Jealous Mary.. I want to see her reaction to Bash with other women. I want Happy Bash but it's not gonna happen anytime soon..His marriage with Kenna would be weird. but it's cw anything can happen.

It would feel super fast and random. But yeah, it’s Reign, so…. but I am hoping it’s Greer and either Peppercorn or Lord Julien (the man her family sent to the castle last ep) that’s the surprise union. According to spoilers, Greer gets caught kissing Leith in this episode, so perhaps the King finds out and forces her to marry because of that? IDEK. I’m probably grasping.

Anonymous said:
Hi Cara, I've read the reign fan fiction entitles Kissing Lessons recently. On the synopsis the writer note that it's based on the spoiler of ep 16 in which bash will be forced to marry kenna as a whim. So do u think it'll actually happen? What do u think? Honestly I don't like the idea. I prefer Bash get new girl who will tuly love him even if he doesn't love her at the beginning. And that's not Lola or Kenna. I prefer Rowan. Or new character. A noble girl and have a power just like Mary.

I’ve seen the spoilers and it’s a definite possibility. Obviously as a Mash shipper, I’m against it, but I don’t want Bash hopelessly pining over Mary, either. Especially if she’s going to be acting OTT in love with Francis. So, while a new girl would’ve been ideal, it could be a good thing if it’s Kenna because it will have to affect Mary more. I’d be interested to see her reaction.

When gravity’s pulling, you’re still holding my heart.

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"Now you are free, to choose the man you love." The consequences of choice. Mary’s life with Francis, and Mary’s life with Bash.

As per the synopsis, this fic is essentially what would’ve happened if Mary had chosen Bash in 1x13, but also parallels it alongside what the author thinks would’ve play out with Mary’s actual choice (Francis) aka history. REALLY CLEVERLY DONE, TBH. (also, very tragic)

I swear if I could write a one-shot about how I see Bash and Mary, individually and together - their interactions, how they challenge each other, their reverence for each other - and what my absolute ideal ending for them would be, then this fic is it

My highlights (I’ll try and keep it vague) were an elopement that doesn’t include Francis, Bash/Elizabeth interactions (bastards!!!), Pagan prayers, dark haired children and SCOTLAND.

Just read it. It’s hella long, but completely worth it.

Inverse Reality by Miss Mudpie

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